With the support of World Animal Protection (WAP) RIWAG initiated a pilot program in conjunction with the launch of World Rabies Day (WRD) in the Suhum Municipality September 28, 2017.
The aims of this pilot program were to continue the awareness and education aspect of rabies and vaccinate in the municipality for three (3) consecutive years.
On January 27, 2020 RIWAG commenced the third year of vaccinations in Suhum. The exercise continued for 7 days ending on Sunday February 2 with approximately 1,500 pets vaccinated.
In addition to the fixed vaccination sites, one team was assigned to do door-to-door, vaccination which proved to be very successful vaccinating pets wherever they found them and giving the certificates to the owners.
The official dates have now ended. However, there is a mop-up campaign under way where we expect to vaccinate an additional 500 pets over the following two (2) weeks.
This will give us a total of 2,000 pets vaccinated with anticipated 98% being dogs, the rest being cats.
We are working with the District Assembly to ensure that this is continued for at least two (2) more years and will give them support where needed.
Our efforts now will be focused on the most endemic area in Ghana, the Upper West Region where we will launch WRD in the Lawra District with education throughout the entire Region.

Vaccination Statistics for Final Program


Vaccination Banner for Final Program