World Rabies Day 2017


RIWA Ghana is planning a major event for the week of World Rabies Day September 28, 2017.

We have identified the major endemic areas in Ghana which include:

  • Suhum
  • Techiman
  • Wa
  • Bolga

It is our intention to select Suhum as our official launch site and plan education and free vaccinations for the other 3 sites and to include Accra.

Our major objective is to educate the public through the media which include press, radio and television.

Press releases will be sent out by July 28th to outline rabies as a killer disease and alert the public to the importance of rabies control and prevention. Two weeks prior to the week a 2nd press release will be sent out outlining the venues for free vaccinations in each of the 5 cities.

In Accra RIWA will promote the free vaccination venues in each city through the press, radio and TV. We will establish live on-air interviews with radio and TV Morning and Talk Shows to maximize the awareness of WRD and the events and bring rabies to the forefront as a “killer disease”.

We have identified those television and radio stations that will allow us to appear live on their televised and broadcast morning and talk shows and will send out letters asking for a date and time to appear on those stations. We will commence these appearances 3 weeks prior to the event week having Director of VSD, Director of Public Health, Ghana Health Service, RIWA Chairman the 3 participants for these appearances.

We will produce a 60 second TV advert that will announce World Rabies Week, what is rabies and the vaccination sites. The ad will be in the major local language of Ghana…Twi with English subtitles.

We will approach the major stations that have both local and extensive coverage in Ghana to play the ads starting 2 weeks prior. These include the national TV station, GTV and its radio station, Unique FM; The Multimedia Group with TV and 6 radio stations across the country, Global Media Alliance with TV and radio stations, TV3, Metro TV, Max TV, Oceans TV, GH One TV, U TV and the local stations in the selected cities.

In addition to the media we will produce promotional materials…banners, posters and press kits for media in each of the 5 cities.

The Ministry of Education has provided the number of basic schools ( Primary to Junior High School ) in each of the 4 cities and has identify selected schools in Accra for the education program which will include the WAP pen drive, brochures and posters.

Our initial response from the Ministry indicates that there are 250 basic schools in Suhum, 250 in Techiman, 185 in Wa, 200 in Bolga. This gives us a total of 885 schools to receive pen drives and promotional materials. We will identify 100 schools in Accra that will receive the materials also.

During the World Rabies week in Accra we will do Live on-air interviews in the mornings and selected school visitations in the afternoons. This will also be done in Suhum during our official launch program September 28, 29 and 30th.

Dr. Richard and Russell Coombs will along with Dr. Asiedu-Baah will do a pre-visit to Suhum On Wednesday May 9thth to select the venue and meet with the relevant organizations for their support.



Suhum has been selected as the official launch and pilot site and we have been having interaction with the local departments of Health, Education, Suhum District Assembly, Veterinary Services and schools.

The organizing team will depart for Suhum on Wednesday afternoon September 27th at 2:00pm arriving 3:00pm.

On arrival we will visit the 2 major local radio stations for a live on-air interview about the activities to take place in Suhum and the free clinics.

Press, TV and radio will be intensive 2 weeks prior to our arrival alerting the entire populace of Suhum about the World Rabies Day, events and free vaccinations.

There are 250 basic schools in the Suhum District who will receive the pen drives and promotional materials. Wed will identify those schools we will visit during our trip to Suhum.

The official launch venue will be selected during our pre visit to Suhum in May 9, 2017.

We will video record the entire launch in Suhum including the school visits and edit it into a 30 minute documentary to be given to GTV and other selected TV stations to play to the public giving more awareness on the danger of rabies and the control and prevention required.

September 28

The day’s activities will include:

7-9:30am       Venue setup

10:00am         Arrival of guests

  • Schools
  • Local chiefs
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ghana Veterinary Services
  • Suhum District Assembly

10:30am         Durbar

11:30am         Presentation

1:00pm           Refreshments & on site media interviews

3:00pm- 6pm             Radio interviews

September 29

Radio & media interviews

Selected school visitations

September 30

Free vaccinations at several venues

Press & media interviews

Visit children in hospital with rabies

Return to Accra