Ashanti-Increase in Rabies Related Deaths

Fifteen (15) people died of rabies in the Ashanti Region, last year, Dr. Albert Kwansah-Filson, the Regional Director of Veterinary Services Department (VSD), has announced.

Oct 29, 2016

He told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the figure could be higher as “many cases in the communities are not reported”.

He put the number of cases of the preventable viral disease transmitted through the bite of rabid animals, seen during the period at 1,000.

Compared with the previous year’s total of 704, he said, the rise gave cause for concern.

Ashanti is estimated to have a dog population of about 327,704 but only 10,747 of them were vaccinated, last year.

Dr. Kwansah-Filson expressed discomfort with the disinterest of pet owners to get them immunized.

To help prevent rabies cases, the VSD has established 30 centres backed by five private facilities to efficiently handle dog bites and provide other veterinary services.

He encouraged the people to report any dog bite to the designated centres for action.

He reminded the private veterinary facilities to make sure they submitted regular reports to the regional VSD office for proper documentation and action against rabies.